Fitness is composed of several different components- strength, cardiovascular endurance and flexibility. One can be fit in one area and lacking others. Total fitness is a triad of all three. Being aware of areas you need to work on may decrease your risk of becoming injured and increase your ability to do more.

Integrate running into your fitness routine

The Montgomery weather is no excuse anymore for not going for a run or walk: Improve your cardiovascular endurance by making use of our indoor running/walking track in a fully climate controlled spa-like trainings atmosphere. Since the doors opened in 1999, MetroFitness motivates its members to complement their workout program with a regular run or walk on the track or on the vast choice of cardio equipment.

Stay in control of your strength training

The FitLinxx monitoring device provides our members with interactive coaching on our strength equipment and connects them to our facility staff. After an initial set-up with one of our friendly personal trainers and a full introduction to our equipment, FitLinxx guides the member like a one-on-one trainer – just automated. With this fitness tracker our members can get a complete view of their workouts, set goals, track progress and interact with facility staff.

Our FitLinxx Fitness Tracking Kiosk helps members to begin their workouts quickly with just a personal PIN – no need to carry cards, pens, or keys. Our members can instantly see their activity progress and stay motivated and engaged by easily adjusting targets and monitoring results.

Indoor Fitlinxx


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quoteI had the privilege of being paired with Julia as my personal trainer, and with her tailored personal training plans and a few suggested  lifestyle modifications, I have lost 40 lbs. and inches all over my body. Her continual drive to challenge me in creative ways has made me want to come to the gym everyday and push myself to be the best person I can be physically and mentally.quote

Suzanna Wasserman, Member