Will Holm


CERTIFICATIONS: AFAA Aerobics Certification, 1998
Reebok Cycle Certification, 1998
AFAA Personal Trainer Certification, 2004
FITNESS MOTTO: Exercise can lead to a longer, stronger life EVEN as we age!
HOBBIES: I love old movies, Hallmark movies, rainy days, and sitting in front of a roaring fire.
SPECIALIZES IN: Working with beginners and the older population.


CERTIFICATIONS: I have been ACE [American Council on Exercise] certified since 1991, and have been personal training for 25 years. Training provides me the opportunity to share my zeal and enthusiasm for fitness and working out. I coached football, baseball, and wrestling for twenty years before becoming a personal trainer.

FITNESS MOTTO: I am a believer in form and technique while exercising, in order to prevent injury, and to get the best results. I not only want to train the client, I want to teach the client. I want that client to know what we are doing, why we are doing it, and how to do it, all while enjoying the process.

A major goal is for the client to think, “I don’t HAVE to workout, I GET to workout”


EDUCATION: B.S. in Exercise Science with 25 years of nursing
FITNESS MOTTO: “Step it Up” When you think you have reached your limits, you can always “step it up.”
HOBBIES: Tennis, Auburn Football, Snuggling with my pups, Shopping and spending time with family and friends
SPECIALIZES IN: Working with all ages (13 – 90),  all fitness levels and abilities. I cater my workout programs to each individual client and their personal goals.